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Yoga classes


private classes

Private yoga classes can be the best way to begin, return or advance your experience with yoga

Beginners, advanced and clients with therapeutics needs can go consciously deeper in feelings of well being from spending one-on-one time with an qualified yoga teacher.

These kind of sessions allow teachers and students to build working relationships while working on specific needs and co-creating a practice that addresses individual goals.

starting from £75/ per class


group classes

Attending a group yoga class can be especially great for the mind and soul as you absorb the positive energy of those around you. You will also feel more connected to your community and build bonds with others in the class.


corporate classes

Long hours, commuting, office desk jobs, poor sitting postures and irregular eating habits all contribute to a stressed and inefficient workforce.  

Yoga in the office is a great way to address these issues!  As anxiety, depression, sick days and obesity are increasing, it makes sense to invest in corporate well being.

I teach corporate yoga classes throughout London to a variety of well known companies.  Classes can be scheduled early morning, during lunch hours and after office hours, either as a taster session, weekly occurrence or yearly one off.  

Key benefits include higher staff retention, enhanced motivation and creativity, reduced absenteeism and a greater sense of team and work morale.


let’s do yoga together!

my yoga passion started 6 years ago and it has changed my life.

so many people over tire themselves. work long days, and only train cardio based exercise - then they are curious why they feel even more tired? exercise is supposed to bring more energy right?

well ill tell you it will and it should :) maybe you are just doing the wrong sports for your body-type and pushing too hard.

in my yoga classes we focus on detoxitying and energizing your body with different breathing techniques, movement and music. active conciousness will remain the whole class. i use my essential oils and modern music to vibrate the atmosphere to the presence.


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